Lit By The Dark – Out Now


The new album from Grant J Robson, ‘Lit By The Dark‘, is starting to be rolled out to various platforms. […]

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New Album – Lit By The Dark


Grant J Robson presents a new album “LIT BY THE DARK” Glasgow multi-instrumentalist and composer Grant J Robson releases his […]

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The Burden featuring Eugene Kelly


‘The Burden’ is the second single from Grant J Robson’s upcoming fourth album and features indie legend Eugene Kelly on […]

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Kill the Night


The first single from my new album is called Kill the Night (feat Bob Carey-Grieve and Shiggi Pakter) and was […]

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Alternative TV Themes


What better way to keep developing skills during lockdown then to write new title themes for existing TV shows? They’re […]

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Music Gear

Music Gear : Stuff I Use to Make My Noise


I’ve been looking forward to writing this post. The next best thing to having music gear is talking about it. […]

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Outside : Mentions


There has been a couple of mentions of Outside on some music websites. First up is the grand-daddy of Scottish […]

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Take the Lead

Take the Lead


This year is the tenth anniversary of the release of a film called Take the Lead starring Antonio Banderas. I […]

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MTV : Memoirs of a Minor MTV DJ


At the height of the bootleg / mashup trend (2003/04), a bunch of music producers, including myself, were caught up […]

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XFM : Memoirs of a Minor XFM DJ – Post 4


I’d been McSleazy as a DJ / producer since the late 90s. (It was pronounced like the Scottish Mc- prefix, […]

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