Tutorial : How To Use Cubase With A Remote Dongle


It’s not always convenient to use your dongle every time you want to use Cubase. Maybe you are travelling and […]

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OSC Tutorial

Tutorial : How to Control Cubase with a Tablet or Smartphone


Hi. This is a tutorial on how to control Cubase using your phone or tablet as a remote control device. […]

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Take the Lead

Take the Lead


This year is the tenth anniversary of the release of a film called Take the Lead starring Antonio Banderas. I […]

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MTV : Memoirs of a Minor MTV DJ


At the height of the bootleg / mashup trend (2003/04), a bunch of music producers, including myself, were caught up […]

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Small music studio

Music : Communicating to a Non-Musician


I’ve been writing music for films and games for many years, but always remotely. I live in Glasgow, and the […]

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