McSleazy’s first contact with XFM was getting airplay for his tracks from Eddy Temple-Morris on his weekend show.  Another Capital station, Beat 106 in Scotland, heard Grant’s work and invited him to produce mixes exclusively for them.


So when XFM decided to open a Scottish station, it seemed a natural step to give Grant his own show. For two years, Grant (as McSleazy) entertained Scotland every weekend with mash-ups  and remixes.


Grant’s mixes went all over the world. As a special guest on San Francisco station Live 105, Grant broadcast a mix live on drivetime to over 500,000 listeners. As the host, Party Ben said:


While it took me a few episodes to hone in on the right style and sound, after 50-ish episodes I really felt like the Sixx Mixx was a very specific sort of thing. It had to be somewhat friendly to an Alternative Radio crowd (Foo Fighters! White Stripes) but also buck that genre in an amusing way, and also nod to the uniqueness of LIVE 105 and the Bay Area, and do it all in a half-hour set that a 6pm audience would find palatable. So I was very hesitant to consider offering the entire show to a guest producer. All the better then that the first guest mix was by the brilliant McSleazy. The cheeky Scot had already produced a slew of tracks that were exactly in the Sixx Mixx wheelhouse, especially the seminal mashup masterpiece "Smells Like Billie Jean."


Grant's "Franzie Boy" mix made the top 40 of the most played tunes on college radio in America. He provided mixes for radio stations all over the world, many of which can still be found online (if you're resourceful enough).


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