Director Liz Friedlander and New Line Cinema needed a piece of music to make a crucial scene work in their upcoming Antonio Banderas movie, Take the Lead. The scene was a turning point in the movie. An old school ballroom dance teacher finally connects with troubled kids when their different styles of music are mashed together perfectly.


Grant J Robson, (then working as ‘McSleazy’) was approached with the task of mixing June Christy’s take on Irving Berlin’s “You Can’t Take That Away from Me” with a string of hip hop tracks in perfect sync to the scene. What could have been an easy job was further complicated by copyright hell and lawyer intervention as sample clearance provided the film makers and Grant with ongoing problems.


Despite this, Grant created dozens of versions of the tune until the men in grey suits could sign their contracts.


Versions of the mix featured on the ‘Take the Lead’ soundtrack and TV promo spots.


Here is a clip of the director’s commentary of the scene discussing the work Grant carried out.



(Grant was credited in the movie as ‘Grant McSleazy’.)


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